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Sunday, July 3, 2011

LDS Linkbomb #1/Book Suggestions

Richard Bushman gave an interview with Time magazine this week, discussing the Book of Mormon Musical.

The newest Mormon Messages

Jeffrey R. Holland testifies of the Book of Mormon.

The Church reminds its leaders that they must remain politically neutral.

CNN did a pretty good job explaining Mormon beliefs.

You can always set up your own profile!

Mormon Times is worth a read. It's an extension of the Church News (apologetic and sympathetic. Not that there's anything wrong with that.).

I'm a firm believer that faith is to be explored, and that LDS are far too quick to think that all people who leave the Church don't have a reason for it. My friend Jon Adams, at SHAFT has some great thoughts. He references John Dehlin, whose podcast I'm currently addicted to.

There are some GREAT LDS History books out there. Here's a list for those interested in the history of the Church, not necessarily Church History. Remember, if you have questions about Church History, ask someone who knows, or can find an answer for you.

1. Rough Stone Rolling: Richard Bushman
2. Brigham Young: American Moses: Leonard J. Arrington
3. The Millenarian World of Early Mormonism: Grant Underwood

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