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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Link Bomb 7/16:

The newest Mormon Message from Jeffrey R. Holland

A new Paris, France?

The new temple site in Fort Collins, Colorado.

An LDS missionary was mauled by a lion in a Guatamalen zoo (and lived!).

New York Times article on the Hill Cummorah Pageant.

This is a great one to share: an historian on the most important things in the Book of Mormon.

Not really LDS related, but a BYU comedy group did a Harry Potter parody of Katy Perry's Firework."

Official Church Apps for iPhone.

The "Sister Wives" family is petitioning to make polygamy legal. Joanna Brooks asks the question, what would Mormons do if polygamy became legal?

If you're an LGBT Latter-day Saint, PLEASE participate in the survey on this page:

An interview about Mormons with the Interfaith Alliance President, who recently defended the public slander of Mormonism on Fox News.

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  1. Already took the survey, but good on you for posting the link.